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Last night my husband and I had the pleasure of spending a few hours at Dope Cider House and Winery on Federal Street in Youngstown. I am a fan of hard cider so this was right up my alley. Our options last night were the following:

Pumpkin Spice Cider

Caramel Apple Cider

Pineapple Cider

Cherry Cider

Ginger Seltzer

Peach Raspberry Seltzer

House Moscato

Needless to say, in order to do an honest review, we had to try them all. I can honestly say this was some of the best cider, seltzer and wine I've ever had in my life. My personal favorites were Caramel Apple Cider (both cold and warm) and Pineapple. The Pineapple Cider took me instantly back to the Lake this summer with such a refreshing taste. The aesthetic inside DOPE is truly amazing. From paying homage to Youngstown streets to that strong independent vibe that is consistently flowing through the space, this cider house is perfect for the relax at the end of the week Friday night feels.

I anticipate our next visit to DOPE and meeting owner Hannah Ferguson. As the DOPE website states, "Hannah's company is the first black, female-owned cidery in Ohio." With the CEO and Owner at the tree lighting ceremony in Youngstown, we were well taken care of with Sydney, our host for the night. She was well versed in the cidery lingo and definitely made our first experience at DOPE so enjoyable.

Every single item that I include in my grazing boards and/or boxes goes so well with this cider house. My recommendation: RUN, don't walk to DOPE Cider House & Winery. Check out their website at and make the time to enjoy this little slice of heaven located in Y-town.

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  • abitetogograzingbo

Hi! First time blogger here so be kind. When I decided to give my love of all things charcuterie and grazing a dedicated and real try, one of my closest friends said to me "I'm so proud of you." Still sticks with me today because I never thought of it as unattainable. I knew my love of making the boards/boxes and my love of enjoying good food with good friends. What could be so hard? We will make this journey together.

I decided that my blog should be titled The Perfect Pairing for the sole purpose of recommendations of local wineries. There are so many options in our area and each winery has such knowledge (way above my level) of perfect pairings. My goal is to travel to a different winery each month (date night with hubby) and give you my recommendation.

See you soon with some Thanksgiving recommendations!

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